Milwaukee Sabre Saw and Blade Bundle

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Milwaukee Sabre Saw and Blade Bundle

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Milwaukee Sabre Saw and Reciprocating Blade Bundle

Bundle comprises of:
Milwaukee SSPE1300QX Sawzall Reciprocating Saw.  Selling separately for $229.00
Plus a large selection of Lenox Reciprocating Blades. Selling separately for a total of $206.00. See below.

Lenox 20180-9118R Laser 8TPI Reciprocating Blades 225 x 25 – 5 Pack
Lenox 20583-110R Bi Metal Reciprocating Blade 300 x 19 – 5 Pack
Lenox 20190-12118R Laser 18TPI Reciprocating Blades 300 x 25 – 5 Pack
Lenox 10833-800RDG Diamond Grit Reciprocating Blade 200 x 19 – Each
Lenox 20576-800RG Bimetal Reciprocating Blades 200 x 20 – 5 Pack
Lenox 20182-12110R Laser 10TPI Reciprocating Blades 300 x 25 – 5 Pack

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