Bosch HGS85/80 High Frequency Bullnose Grinder

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Bosch HGS85/80 High Frequency Bullnose Grinder

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Bosch HGS85/80 High Frequency Bullnose Grinder

1800W 3 phase motor, 10,700 rpm
Bosch High Frequency Grinders work at frequencies of 300 Hertz (Hz) and use asynchronous 3 phase induction motors.
High frequency power tools require special frequency converters which step the mains up to the higher frequency.
Extended tool life, long service life and minimum maintenance costs.
Designed for consistent performance, continuous operation and extended life with low maintenance costs.
High overload capacity:
Has power reserves, averaging 100% over the rated value.
Extremely useful for cutting and drilling work.
Tools are fitted with thermal overload plugs designed to switch the tool off if overloading becomes excessive.
Constant speed under load:
Better material removal while reducing wear on the grinding wheel.
Lower energy costs:
Input of 2kW from the frequency converter is sufficient to produce the 1kW rated output of a high frequency power tool, between 10 and 23 times less energy than compressed air tools.
Greater safety:
The frequency converters supply is at a lower rated voltage than the mains supply.
A rated voltage of 200v at 300Hz converts to 116V, rather than 240v for the normal mains supply.
A grounded safety conductor is connected to the metal housing to give full protection when a fault occurs.
The fault current is immediately grounded.
Favourable purchasing and investment costs for new systems.
High frequency systems are the cost effective, flexible and high quality.
Consistent peak output:
The robust induction motors are free from loss of output due to wear.
Universal versatility:
Converters for high frequency systems can be plugged or fixed wired into the mains supply.
Mobile converters can be used in construction work and at other outside locations or alternatively in production areas which are situated far apart or have only been set up temporarily.
Pro-environmental operation:
Operate at a constant noise level.
The same size, but higher output with increasing frequency.
Because of its speed stability the high frequency induction motor has a considerably greater operating speed than the AC/DC motor and maintains it at a virtually constant level up to stall point.
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Bosch High Cycle Tools are a specialized tool, not always stocked at Fremantle Power Tools.
You may need to allow 6 – 8 weeks for delivery.

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Dimensions 80 × 20 × 15 cm


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